Agroanaliz Georgia


How to make an agrochemical soil analysis and calculation of mineral nutrition?

1. Divide the field into sections.

One sector for field crops without irrigation has an area of 25-30 hectares in the flatland.

One sector for field crops without irrigation has an area of 8-10 hectares in the cross-country.

One sector for vegetable crops for irrigation and furrow irrigation has an area of 7-10 hectares.

One sector for vegetable crops for drip irrigation has an area of 2,5-3 hectares.

2. Select composite sample from each sector.


To do this, each section passing diagonally, through a special sampler take samples of the soil every 25-30 meters at a depth of arable layer (0-30 cm) evenly over the entire depth. All samples were poured into a bucket. After the end of the sampling from the sector emptied the contents of the bucket on a metal sheet and mix thoroughly, then selected 400-500 grams of soil (composite sample).

Download drawing

3. Package the composite sample and writes the label, indicating the following information:
The name of the farm, the address, phone number, the name of the person selected for the sample, field No., sector No., the date of sampling, the crop whitch planned for growth in the current year, the crop witch are the predecessor, the planned yield (t / ha), the method of irrigation.

Download form of labels

4. Send the packaged sample in the Diagnostic Center of Agronomic Research “Agroanaliz Georgia”.

Call the courier of NOVA POSHTA – GEORGIA by phone 579 79 99 33 or by e-mail from the site
Warehouse delivery address is: Tbilisi, Pekini str, 28, LLC Agricultural Research Diagnostic Center Agroanalysis Georgia, phone 557 63 10 83.
During the 8 – 10 days after receiving of order you receive the results of soil analysis, the conclusion about the availability of soil nutrients for growing of planned crops!